A Note

Oh good lord!

just minutes ago

there was a poem

in my mind

well, not a poem exactly
but something like a poem
actually it was that I was reclining
on my sofa in this living room
watching a comedy show
called Big Bang Theory;
yes I watch it every day
after a long day’s work,
when I am exhausted and bored
in my shared house
in a quite corner of Dublin 11.
Actually it is not real watching
but some thing like juggling
between the TV and my iPhone
on which I keep getting new things

like a new angry post

by my friend, who is not happy

that people voted in Kashmir elections,

a link to an interesting news item

about animal slaughter

in a predominantly Hindu Nepal,
an update from the Independent
quoting Murdoch who thinks all Egyptians are white,
a new poem posted by a friend I have never met,
a like put by somebody on a new photo

uploaded by my friend posing

in front of Tokyo Sky Tree.
So I get all these things
and I also watch the TV
and keep myself going
in this lonely damp place.
So I was telling you
about the poem
that was in my mind.
It was not a poem actually
but something like an idea,
you know an idea you usually get
or rather comes to you
in the middle of nowhere.
So it was during a commercial
in the middle of Big Bang Theory,

that an idea came to me
I retained it for a while, thinking
I will put it down on paper immediately,

I thought it was a great poem,

not a poem exactly but just an idea,
a scratch, on which I thought
I will build a beautiful poem later on

(sometimes that later on never comes or simply I forget).

I didn’t put it down on a paper because
I had none with me in the living room,

it was up in my bedroom and

I was too lazy to go there,
so I decided to just type it away

in my phone.

There is a thing called Notes

where you can actually do it.
Please do not think this
as a bad poem,

it is just a badly punctuated note.

A note actually.
Stay blessed. Good night.


Author: pasdarekashmir

A PhD candidate of Politics and International Relations in School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. Research interests: national movements, nationalism, media, framing, and discourses. Regular column: Yours Satirically (Kindle Magazine)

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