Door to be Opened (A poem)

How long shall be the door guarded?
How long Truth not be regarded?
The moment should arrive, and believe, surely it will,
When the true light of being is embraced,
When the whole image of life is thoroughly traced
And the wheel of vagueness made to stay still,
To unveil the disquieting pearls of our holiest depths
That remains buried under the pedantic layers
Of unruffled custom of ignorance that severs
The holy path to the stream of self-discovery,
Where from the spirit of being is set free.
When that moment of moments do arrive, ultimately;
The blurry screen of immense powers won’t stand
The convulsive impulses of broken hearts,
Who will unleash on the floor of dust what it refuses to see.


Author: pasdarekashmir

A PhD candidate of Politics and International Relations in School of Law and Government, Dublin City University. Research interests: national movements, nationalism, media, framing, and discourses. Regular column: Yours Satirically (Kindle Magazine)

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